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Manage Trip information in one place using Lyfshort’s FREE Interactive Itineraries, booking imports and messaging.

Use individually or with groups of friends and family for your next adventure. 
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Lyfshort’s® free travel App solves one of the biggest pain points when planning trips or group activities … managing information and communication in one place.

Join our user community managing tens of thousands of recreational trips all around the globe today.

Individual or Private Group Use

Manage Master Itineraries

Import Supplier Bookings

Invite & Manage Participants

 Plan, Track & Split Expenses

Save & Share Photos & Documents

Location Mapping

Group Messaging Channels

Export branded PDF Itineraries

All in 1 place

How does it work?

Begin With an Idea

Trip, Travel or Event … family holiday, adventure travel, sporting or road trip, wedding, weekend with friends etc.

Add Items

List what are you going to do … Catch a flight? stay in accommodation? meet friends? Sight see? Go for drinks? Hire a car?

Import Bookings

Forward supplier booking emails for a consolidated Master Itinerary view in one place Eg. flights, accommodation, activities etc.

Research & Record

Save details for reference and sharing.  Screenshots, bookmarks, ideas, best suppliers and prices etc.

Invite & Share

Get the group together, invite participants and co-organisers, collaborate around live itinerary information.

Group Messaging

Instant communication and notifications.  Keep track of group conversations linked to itinerary items.

Attach & View PDFs

Store travel documents as part of an itinerary for easy reference or sharing with your group. 

Manage Expenses

Budget and record expenses, individually and across a group.  Automated currency conversion & expense split calculator.

Device Calendar Sync

Sync itinerary detail dates and times and your mobile device calendar.

Location & Transit Mapping

Search for locations, save point to point transit routes and map views for navigation when the traveling.

Share Group Photos

Participants can upload, share and download trip photos centrally for each itinerary item.

Export Itineraries

Create an exportable PDF document view of your itinerary to send to people who may not be participating.

User Feedback

A revolutionary idea that saves time & makes planning easier

Matt, 43, Business Owner

Fabulous app for those who love to organise group activities or travels

Vicky, 32, Sales Assitant