Getting Started

Lyfshort Summary

Lyfshort is an online community focused on getting out and doing recreational activities with your friends and family in this ever increasingly digital world.

It is centered around a group travel and activity planning utility available as a free download in the App and Playstores (Web version coming soon). 

Lyfshort supports the end to end process of planning, managing and communicating group travel or activities. 

All the way from initial online research, recording the research, creating Main and Sub Activities activities (including dates, locations etc.) grouped as an itinerary, inviting participants, then sharing and collaborating details, using messaging, bookmarks, images, screenshots etc. ... in one digital place.

Activity List

This is the main screen used in Lyfshort.  It displays all the Itineraries you are involved in (As an owner or participant). 

From here you can manage or contribute to each activity by clicking on it's name.  This will open a more detailed view from which you can perform actions relating to the specific activity. 

As a Participant some of the actions include recording research, viewing group details, saving bookmarks, uploading images, messaging the group and viewing and exporting the itinerary. 

As an owner, some of the additional actions include editing the activity details and inviting and managing participants.

New Main Activities and Sub Activities can be created on the activity list by using the green "+" in the bottom right hand corner. 

Creating an Itinerary

An itinerary is created using 2 components, a Main Activity (Parent) and an associated set of Sub Activities (Children).

It is created, managed and edited in the Activity list view with both activity types added using the green "+" button in the bottom right hand corner.

Main and Sub Activities

The MAIN ACTIVITY links everything together as the overall itineraries theme.  It has a selectable feature image, ability to automatically include participants in all future Sub Activity records under it and view and export a summary of the overall Itinerary with maps (Sub Activities do not).

When creating a SUB ACTIVITY by pressing the green "+" button at the bottom right of the screen it will automatically be linked to the Main Activity record you were last in.  The name of this Main Activity will also dynamically appear on the create Sub Activity button to tell you prior to proceeding. ​


(Main Activity) - Trip to Spain

(Sub Activity) - Outbound Flight

(Sub Activity) - Accommodation Check-in

(Sub Activity) - Restaurants

(Sub Activity) - Recreational activity

(Sub Activity) - Accommodation check out

(Sub Activity) - Return Flight

Research Tool

Lyfshorts research tool is setup to assist doing what you probably already do, use a web browser and search engine to find the best value deals, juicy information and most suitable suppliers for your requirements ... however more efficiently. 

To access the research tool open the details of an activity and press "Research".  This then provides a search box.  Following the search results, three research tools are provided in the footer to use with the results, each one recording details back to the activity record as you are researching online.  The first pastes copied text to a selected field, the second saves a bookmark to a list while navigating and the third takes a screen shot and saves it to the image library within the activity.

Viewing an Itinerary

An itinerary can be viewed in 2 ways.  A minimal view on the activity list screen or a comprehensive view in the Main Activity :

1. Activity List View :  A limited, quick, basic view.  Interactive, editable, displayed on the same screen with other itineraries.

2. Main Activity View :  A detailed, formatted view, accessed through the "Itinerary" button in the Main Activity record in the Itinerary.  Read only, formatted, fully detailed including maps, links to navigation and exportable as image.

Exporting an Itinerary

A full itinerary view can be exported from within the Main Activity record by pressing the Itinerary icon.  Summary or Fully detailed options can be selected prior to export. 

The Itinerary will be exported as an image and automatically saved in the camera role of your mobile device.  This can be used for printing, offline reference or to send to people.

Roles and Role Types

Within a Lyfshort activity there are 3 roles.

1. Owner

2. Participant

3. Co-Owner

An OWNER is the initial creator of the activity, has read and write access to everything, can invite anyone to the activities they created, allocate Co-owners and delete the activities they created.

A PARTICIPANT is an invitee to the activity. They typically receive an invitation to participate in the activity, sent by an Owner or Co-owner through Lyfshort (push notification), email, SMS or social link. A Participant can then review details like date, location, other linked itinerary activities, other participants and choose to say Yes/No or Maybe within Lyfshort activity list. Participants cannot edit core activity details such as time, date, location, feature image, financial details etc. however they can send messages, upload and download images and save bookmarks within the group. Participants are unable to invite other people to the activities in the private group. If they would like to do any of these things it is suggested using the messaging function, communicating with the activity owner and/or request being upgraded to a Co-owner. A Participant can be upgraded to a Co-owner once they have created a Lyfshort profile.

A CO-OWNER has similar rights to the owner however cannot delete the activity. Typically they are allocated to help the owner manage certain activities in the itinerary. There can be multiple Co-owners for each activity. They are created by an owner opening an existing participant listed on the "Group Participants" screen and changing the setting from "Participant" to "Co-owner".

Inviting Participants

Owners and Co-owners can Invite activity participants in 3 ways :

Individually : The exact Lyfshort username or email address can be entered into the search box.  A green dynamic button will appear below.  Press it to invite individually.

Contact List : By pressing "Sync Contacts" Lyfshort provides a selectable list based on the contacts stored on your device.  Invite multiple contacts at once by selecting usernames, Mobile numbers (SMS) or email addresses from the list then pressing the "Send Invite" button. If a contact does not appear on the list update their details in your devices contacts and press "Sync Contacts" again.

Invitation Link : Generate a unique activity link from the group screen.  This link can be copied and pasted into most digital communications such as messaging, chat groups, SMS, email etc. This will allow people with the link to view and join the activity as a participant.

Participant and Role Replication

Anyone invited to an itineraries "Main Activity" will automatically be included in all current and future Sub Activities underneath it.

Similarly, Co-owners in Main Activities will automatically become Co-owners in all current and future Sub Activities.

Participants can be invited to specific, individual Sub Activities or upgraded to Co-owners in specific, individual Sub Activities, providing they are not included in the Main level Activity.

If an Owner or Co-owner wants to remove a participant from specific, individual Sub Activities, not the whole itinerary, they must first be removed from the Main level activity and re-invited to these relevant Sub Activities.

Group Messaging

Each itinerary has it's own activities.  Each activity has it's own participant group. 

When group messaging is used from a specific activity the thread will automatically be saved and linked to that specific activity, creating it's own conversation channel.  This helps both focus conversations and find relevant conversation details in the future. 

There is also a central messaging channel providing an overall view of all conversations you are participating in, listed by activity.  This is accessible by pressing the message icon in the  header. 

Photo Sharing

Within each activity Participants can share images.  Upload, view and download research or booking receipt screen snaps, inspirational photos, maps or social pics before, during and after the activity.  The images are automatically stored within the specific activity record alongside details, conversations and group for easy reference.

Bookmark Sharing

Within each activity Participants can share a central list of bookmarks.  This is particularly handy during the research stage for swapping ideas, quotes or inspirations. 

The bookmarks are automatically stored within the specific activity record alongside details, conversations and the group for easy reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Lyfshort ?

PROBLEM : "When planning travel or an activity with a group I normally end up using lots of different digital tools and suppliers to research, plan and book … and then … another bunch of tools to communicate and co-ordinate with the group … followed by … even more digital places to share pics and socialise the experience with my friends.  Too hard … surely there is a better way?"

SOLUTION : Lyfshort ... First, note down ideas as activities, putting dates and locations against them, conduct online research, record the research, connect activities together as an itinerary, invite other people to participate, communicate and share ideas through images, bookmarks and messaging. 

Then it's time to book ... get the best deal directly from the best supplier for your requirements then screenshot the booking reference or receipt for storage and reference in the overall itinerary.

During and after the activity upload and download photos, message each other, all automatically saved in the activity record, all in one place.

Months or years down the track when you are recapping this great experience to one of your friends, simply open Lyfshort and all details, memories, conversations and pics are in one easy, accessible location.

How do I create a Profile ?

Download and install the Lyfshort App from the Playstore or Appstore and complete the requested details.  You will then create a unique Lyfshort username that can be provided to other Lyfshort users to join activities.

What and where is my Username ?

When you create a Lyfshort profile you will receive a unique Lyfshort username.  If you are logged in to Lyfshort your username can be located at the top of the profile screen.  This can be accessed by navigating to the "Profile" section in the draw menu.

Why are picture badges on my activities ?

As the Owner is updating activity details, the group is sharing bookmarks, images, messaging each other, invites are going out, responses coming back … it's quite a bit to keep track of if you had to open each activity all the time.  These badges tell you at a glance whether there has been an update to an activity and gives you an idea whether it's worth taking a look.

Can I view the activity list by text only ?

Press the light green filter button at the bottom right of the screen and select "Hide Images".  This will hide all the Main activity feature images and provide a text only view.  You may want this to fit more on 1 screen.

How do I remove an activity?
To remove a Main Activity or Sub Activity from your itinerary you will need to :

1. Go to the "Activity List" screen 
2. Press on the activity you would like to remove so it cascades open.  
3. In the bottom right hand corner there should be a red "Remove Activity" button (if you are a participant in someone else's itinerary it will say "Leave Activity"). 
4. Press it 👍
Can I get back an activity I removed ?

Press the light green filter button at the bottom right of the screen and select "Show Removed".  This displays all the past activities that have been removed from the activity list view.  To recall them open each activity and select the "Restore Activity" icon.

How do I view past activities ?

Press the light green filter button at the bottom right of the screen and select "Show Ended".  This will display activities with dates past 2 weeks ago.  Press "Show Ended" to hide them again.

How long does an activity link last ?

30 days.  After this time it will expire and can no longer be used.

Can I book services through Lyfshort ? (Flights, Accommodation etc.)

No, Lyfshort is a flexible, supplier independent utility to help manage all your own end to end details in 1 place.  You can plan and record research, pencil in dates and locations, compare different suppliers and invite and collaborate with prospective participants, all before any actual bookings are made. Once you do book directly with suppliers, take screenshots of receipts and booking references and simply slot them in as part of the overall Lyfshort itinerary, all in one digital place.

How does calendar sync work ?

Calendar sync is setup so the activity dates you create in Lyfshort will be synced and written to the default calendar on the mobile device you are using Lyfshort on.  This will happen in the background as you add new activities and change existing ones.

I can't see an activity in the Web version after clicking on an email/SMS/link invitation ?


When you are invited to an activity by another Lyfshort user they have 4 ways of sending invitations :

  1. Email
  2. SMS
  3. User Generated Link
  4. Lyfshort User Name

The first 3 Lyfshort invitation types above use deep link automation making it easier for users to send and receive invitations.  Sometimes the security and privacy features enabled on web browsers can interfere with this automation, meaning the activity will not show up in your Lyfshort app after clicking on email/SMS/user generated links.


There are 2 ways to get around this issue :

  1. Whitelist ""
    Add the domain to your web browsers whitelist.  This location will then be flagged as a trusted provider and let the data for the link automation through.  To do this you will need to locate the extension or function in your web browser that control the security and privacy settings of these connections and add

  2. Invite by Lyfshort Username
    Once you have created a profile with Lyfshort, ask the owner of the activity to invite you by "Lyfshort Username" rather than using a link required in the first 3 invitation types above.

    Your username is at the top of your profile screen.