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Lyfshort® is a free, purpose built, online planning tool that helps users research, record information, build itineraries then invite, share and communicate with a private group. 

It now helps thousands of people around the world solve one of the biggest pain points when planning travel  ... managing information and communication in one place.



Create an Activity

This could be anything such as travel, a party, sporting event, concert, reunion or any other type of trip or social gathering. 

Research & Record

Use Lyfshort's research tool for quick saving of screenshots, bookmarks and text, providing fast centralised recording. 

Invite & Share

Invite participants and co-organisers, share activity details, research, images and bookmarks with the group. 

Message & Collaborate

Communicate and share between activity participants using realtime messaging and notifications. Collaborate group wisdom, fast, in one place.

Device Calendar Sync

Manage activity times and dates in one place by syncing Lyfshort itinerary details and your mobile device calendar.

Itinerary & Location Mapping

Connect your activities together in a full itinerary view.  (This may include transport, accommodation, meals etc.) Enable a list of maps for easy navigation within an itinerary then export for offline viewing or distribution to friends and family.



The Lyfshort team is based in Melbourne, Australia and share 2 common passions ... digital technology and travel.  We have flourished into a truly muti-cultural crew haling from 7 different countries (Australia, Argentina, Indonesia, UAE, China, France and Belarus) ... Join us in creating the Lyfshort community ... Dream, Plan, Do!


"A revolutionary idea that saves time & makes planning easier"

Matt, 43, Business Owner


"fabulous app for those who love to organise group activities or travels"

Vicky, 32, Sales Assitant



If you would like information on Lyfshort, are interested in partnerships or investment, or would just like to ask a question, please contact us below.