Try Lyfshort with friends and family for your next adventure!

  • Use Individually or with a Private Group
  • Manage a Master Itinerary
  • Organise Research, Supplier Bookings & Maps
  • Save & Share Expenses, Photos & Documents
  • Message & Collaborate in one place


Begin With an Idea

Any Trip or Social Gathering ... family holiday, adventure travel, sporting or road trip, wedding, weekend with friends etc. 

Name your Itinerary

Add Items

What are you going to do on the Trip or surrounding the Event ... Catch a flight? stay in accommodation? meet friends? Sight See? Go for drinks? Hire a Car? etc.

Research & Record

Use Lyfshort's research tool for quick saving of screenshots, bookmarks and text, providing fast, centralised recording. 

Invite & Share

Get the group together, invite participants and co-organisers, share itinerary details, research, images, costs, bookmarks etc. with the group. 

Message & Collaborate

Communicate in realtime using group messaging linked back to each specific activity for quick, easy reference.

Attach &View PDFs

Store travel documents as part of an itinerary for easy reference or sharing with your group. 

Manage Expenses

Plan a budget and record pre/during/post trip expenses, individually and across a group.  Includes automated currency conversion & expense split calculations.

Device Calendar Sync

Manage activity times and dates in one place by syncing Lyfshort itinerary details and your mobile device calendar.

Location & Transit Mapping

Use integrated Google Maps within Lyfshort to search for locations when planning then save point to point transit routes for guidance when the trip comes along.

Share Group Photos

Participants now have a central place to upload and download photos taken before during and after the activity, all saved together with the activity details.

Export Itineraries

Send details of your itinerary to people that may not be participating in the activity as an attachment.


Import Bookings

Forward your supplier bookings for a consolidated Master Itinerary view in one place Eg. flights, accommodation, activities etc.

Lyfshort's® free travel App solves one of the biggest pain points when planning trips or group activities ... managing information and communication in one place.  Join our user community managing tens of thousands of recreational trips all around the globe today ... Dream, Plan ... Do!


"A revolutionary idea that saves time & makes planning easier"

Matt, 43, Business Owner


"fabulous app for those who love to organise group activities or travels"

Vicky, 32, Sales Assitant




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