São Paulo, Brazil

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Created by Serenna (SERENNA-SM1)

São Paulo, the city where you can find anything. As the biggest city in Brazil, there is a place for everyone and all different styles, from museums to crazy night clubs. We call it “Selva de Pedras”, which translates to “Stone Jungle”. Take a look below to understand why:

São Paulo, SP, Brasil

Day 1 – Liberdade, Rock’n’Roll Gallery and Augusta

Start your day early at Liberdade, the Japanese neighbourhood, we have the largest Japanese population outside of Japan! If you go on a Sunday, you will find a street Japanese food market and if you are into Anime and Manga, this is the place! Another interesting place is the Rock’n’Roll Gallery (Galeria do Rock). There are four floors with many different types of shops. In this place you will find skate shops, record shops, tattoos/piercing shops and many more. Not far from there, there is the Municipal Theatre, one of the most architecturally-beautiful places in Sao Paulo, why not explore it and find something you can watch! Finish your night at the very lively street of Augusta, next to the metro “Consolação”, you can experience many different styles of shops, restaurants and clubs. If you are looking for a crazy night with friends, this is the place, especially on Friday and Saturday night!

Liberdade, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Day 2 – Municipal Market and Paulista Avenue

How about starting the day by visiting the Municipal Market of São Paulo (or Mercadão, as we call it)? It is a large public market within an old, majestic building founded in 1933, where you can find exotic fruits, meat, cereals, spices, vegetables and fresh local delicacies to try. Some standout examples include the Pastel de Bacalhau and the famous Pão com Mortadela. Trust me, you won’t forget it! From there, experience a relaxing night by Avenida Paulista, the most famous avenue in São Paulo. Walk along the 2.8 km avenue visiting street shops, shopping centres, restaurants, parks, bookstores, theatres, cultural centres and impressive buildings. If you are into museums, you can visit the art museum MASP (Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand).

Mercado Municipal de São Paulo, R. Cantareira, 306 - Centro Histórico de São Paulo, São Paulo - SP, 01024-900, Brasil

Day 3 – Ibirapuera Park and Vila Madalena

Let’s start with a relaxing morning by the park. Parque do Ibirapuera (Ibirapuera park) is huge, it is a great place to rent a bike and have a nice picnic by the lake. There are three different museums to navigate as well as the unique Japanese Pavilion. You can then enjoy the night by going to Vila Madalena, you will find amazing bars, restaurants, clubs but also the Batman's Alley (Beco do Batman), it is an open air gallery dedicated to graffiti and street art! After walking through the alley and taking many pictures, you can head to one of the bars with live music in Vila Madalena, the bohemian side of São Paulo.

Ibirapuera, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

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