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Acts of Kindness, Bushfires and Amazing Music

Local or international, unless you have been living under a rock, you probably would have heard about the devastating bushfires that ravaged many Australian towns several weeks ago, leaving a trail of human and wildlife casualties along with billions of dollars of property destruction in their wake.

Rather than cover the specific details of the tragedy here, given the abundance of information in the mainstream media, I would like to focus on the ensuing acts of kindness and a truly inspiring event that some of you may have missed … the “Firefight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert” …   

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Make Australia your 2020 holiday destination!

Anyone that has been across any news in the last 3 months will know … parts of Australia have been devastated by fires effecting flora, fauna, wildlife, tourism, businesses, homes and people in those areas.   

Now for those of you that have never been here – Australia is big! A 7.7 million square km land mass – way bigger than Europe & the UK – roughly the same size as the U.S.  Fires have impacted around 12 million acres of this beautiful country but there are plenty of areas that have not been affected at all. It is an amazing country with so much to offer. 

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