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What to do in bath, UK

Bath is one of the most picturesque towns in England, and its famous Roman baths (for which the town is named) draw hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Bath is definitely worth a visit, and as it is located just 90 minutes by train from London, can be conceivably visited in a day trip from the capital. We’d recommend an overnight stay, though, and a longer visit would allow you to truly soak up the atmosphere.

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The 5 best pubs in Ireland to visit

A trip to the Emerald Isle would not be complete without a visit to an Irish Pub. The pubs of Ireland are famous for their hospitality and are still set deep in tradition, filled with authenticity.  Walk in, grab a stool, get a pint of Guinness and it won’t be long before the locals strike up a conversation. On our 2-week self-drive tour of Ireland , we had the chance to visit a number of them, here are our 5 best pubs to visit in Ireland.

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Guide to a weekend in Mendoza

You can’t leave Argentina without a jaunt in the country’s wine region Mendoza, where the Malbecmagic happens.

Not only is it home to around 1,500 bodegas (wineries) producing some very fine Argentine vino but it’s also a beautiful part of the country, flanked by the snow-capped Andes Mountains and offering lots to see and do. Here’s our guide to a weekend in Mendoza

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The pros and cons of party hostels

The first time I ever stayed at a party hostel, I was 20 years old and in love with everything about it. I was at the age where I could drink all night, go to bed at 6 AM, and still be ready to go and explore the city by noon.

I could sleep through anything, including the bumping beats from the nightclub directly below the appropriately-named Infinity Party Hostel.

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Top destinations for sports lovers

We recently featured a post about a man who took an eight-day cycling trip to Italy with his friends. And that made us wonder, how far would you be willing to travel for your favorite sport?

Whether you love gliding down the powdered slopes at your favorite ski resort or prefer swimming for hours until your fingers prune, there’s a great travel destination for every type of sport enthusiast—you just have to find it.

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Things to do in Tokyo during Summer Games

The countdown to the 2020 Summer Games has already begun. Before you know it, the eyes of the world will be fixed on the wonderful country of Japan and, more specifically, its bustling and vibrant capital, Tokyo.

To help you make a start on planning your Tokyo adventure, we’ve put together a list of five top things to do in this fascinating city during the 2020 Summer Games.

  1. Roppongi Hills City View.
  2. Rent a Bicycle.

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5 most exciting spots for sports Fans


When you aren’t at home checking out the latest sports scores or browsing betting sites, traveling to Europe is a great vacation for any sports fan. Europe is full of iconic and incredible stadiums, making it one of the best places to visit for any sports junkie.

1. Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

If you didn’t know about Luzhniki stadium before this summer, I bet you do now…

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My top 15 romantic getaways in the US


Love is in the air: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t made your plans yet, why not surprise your honey with a lovely weekend vacation? Ditch the chocolates and roses for some much needed R&R at a cozy hotel. Here are 15 romantic getaways in the U.S. to make your Valentine’s weekend as sweet as can be.


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Pai, Thailand is love, peace & cheap

It’s as if an entire small town, nearly off the map in northern Thailand, has conspired to make its visitors fall in love with it again and again. It’s the perfect spot to celebrate Valentine’s day with someone, and if you’re single, you’re bound to meet someone here anyway.


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My favourite romantic destination, Amsterdam.

The city offers plenty of options for couples who want to experience the dream-like qualities of Amsterdam; whether indoors or in the open-air, over-the-top expensive or absolutely free. Take your pick of these romantic things to do in Amsterdam. For example, the magical quality of Amsterdam at night will put you in the romantic mood all by itself! 


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Cycling in northern italy

There are vacations, there are active vacations, there are adventure vacations… and then there’s the vacation Ed Blumenthal just returned from.

The 45-year-old Blumenthal and five of his buddies spent eight days in northern Italy cycling through the Italian countryside. Six grown men from suburban Philadelphia testing their fitness and enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Veneto region. 

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Things to bring on your river trip

Yes, you got a pack list with everything you absolutely need…but here’s a few extra things you might not have known you wanted out on the river!

1. A sarong. On warm trips, it’s the nicest thing in the world to take off your wet, poly-blend, quick-dry clothes, and wear something loose and soft. If they call it a sarong, why does wearing one feel so right? (Men, you can rock one too, why not?!)

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70 easy hikes near Denver

It’s hard to just get out of the house on a Saturday morning. Add a bit of cold weather, scraping the frost off the car, getting the family bundled up, and it’s just that much harder to get out and enjoy nature. So, I’ve looked over a few of our favorite local trails and decided on three Denver hikes that are really easy to get to and have a lot of “bang for the buck.”

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Europe with kids: tips for an amazing trip!

1. It can be tempting to squeeze in more and more countries when you’re planning your European itinerary. Try not to! We did 8 countries in 5 weeks in Europe in May and it was exhausting! Concentrating on two or three countries is better. You get to know the language, food and customs of a country rather than switching all the time and feeling confused.

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Tips for flying with a toddler

Flying with toddlers is terrifying for some parents. Travel can be stressful and exhausting when you’re on your own but throwing a child into the mix can multiply those factors five fold. Here are some easy tips for flying with a toddler in tow to make it less difficult.

We’ve been on at least 50 flights with our kids since they were babies. Not to mention the buses, trains, cars, tuk tuks, minivans, ferries, speedboats and cruise ships. We’ve got this traveling with toddlers thing down to a fine art.

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