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Best Adventure Vacations for Couples

The best vacations for couples are the ones that break you out of your comfort zone, shake up your normal routine, and allow you to share the experience with the one you love. Certain trips seem to effortlessly exude adventure and romance; perhaps it is a whimsical waterfall, a night sleeping under the stars, a heart-pumping hike in the highlands, or an adrenaline filled bungee jump (for all you crazies out there). Whether you’re looking for an adventurous honeymoon, an anniversary trip, or a romantic getaway, these are the best adventure vacations for couples.

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My top 15 romantic getaways in the US


Love is in the air: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t made your plans yet, why not surprise your honey with a lovely weekend vacation? Ditch the chocolates and roses for some much needed R&R at a cozy hotel. Here are 15 romantic getaways in the U.S. to make your Valentine’s weekend as sweet as can be.


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Pai, Thailand is love, peace & cheap

It’s as if an entire small town, nearly off the map in northern Thailand, has conspired to make its visitors fall in love with it again and again. It’s the perfect spot to celebrate Valentine’s day with someone, and if you’re single, you’re bound to meet someone here anyway.


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My favourite romantic destination, Amsterdam.

The city offers plenty of options for couples who want to experience the dream-like qualities of Amsterdam; whether indoors or in the open-air, over-the-top expensive or absolutely free. Take your pick of these romantic things to do in Amsterdam. For example, the magical quality of Amsterdam at night will put you in the romantic mood all by itself! 


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