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Acts of Kindness, Bushfires and Amazing Music

Local or international, unless you have been living under a rock, you probably would have heard about the devastating bushfires that ravaged many Australian towns several weeks ago, leaving a trail of human and wildlife casualties along with billions of dollars of property destruction in their wake.

Rather than cover the specific details of the tragedy here, given the abundance of information in the mainstream media, I would like to focus on the ensuing acts of kindness and a truly inspiring event that some of you may have missed … the “Firefight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert” …   

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The checklist: How to Pack for burning man

Packing for Burning Man, be it your first time or not, is an overwhelming experience. How does one prepare for just about everything? Weather can be cold, hot or rainy, and you can be sure to hit at least one massive dust storm. You’re dressing up, dressing down, wearing costumes, going to an un-wedding and thousands of other things you won’t imagine until you see it.

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