Acts of Kindness, Bushfires and Amazing Music

Local or international, unless you have been living under a rock, you probably would have heard about the devastating bushfires that ravaged many Australian towns several weeks ago, leaving a trail of human and wildlife casualties along with billions of dollars of property destruction in their wake.

Rather than cover the specific details of the tragedy here, given the abundance of information in the mainstream media, I would like to focus on the ensuing acts of kindness and a truly inspiring event that some of you may have missed … the “Firefight Australia Bushfire Relief Concert” …   

Firefighters struggling against the strong wind in an effort to secure nearby houses from bushfires near the town of Nowra in NSW on New Year’s Eve. Image: AFP

It really was something to see so many people come together and support, not only each other, but an entire country and acknowledge the wonderful work done by the teams of volunteers, fire and emergency services.

It is so true – in times of disaster …. They are the ones we turn to and rely on. 

It was an emotional & fun event and no doubt will have been a very special and memorable one for all of those involved and in attendance.  They likened it to the Live Aid concert held in 1985. In fact Queen (together with Adam Lambert) played the exact same 22 minute set they played at Wembley 35 years ago – it was amazing!

RFS members and international firefighters where cheered on stage. Picture: NSW RFS Twitter
 ‘Unreal experience’: RFS volunteers were invited to the Fire Fight Australia concert, went on stage and got photos with music royalty. Picture: Brett Thomas

An event like this: 22 volunteer acts providing 10 hours of entertainment attended by over 75,000 people and watched by more than a million to raise close to $10M (when everyone has already given so much) … is phenomenal and totally restores my faith in humanity. Especially – the tear jerking moment when everyone gave a standing ovation to the volunteer fire fighters – the true heroes in all of this. Very well deserved and honestly made me feel so proud to be an Australian.

I along with all of my friends were so regretful that we didn’t make the effort to buy tickets and be there enjoying this moment in time. 

At the end of the day, life is short – we never know what is around the corner and we really need to embrace every minute and make every moment count.  I am very passionate about sharing experiences with loved ones and creating memories.  We all ended up watching it from the comfort of our own homes and couches and we chatted amongst each other the whole time.  Next time something like this comes up – I will be straight on to Lyfshort, creating an activity and inviting as many friends as possible so we can plan, organise and ensure we don’t miss out on a historical event like this again!

For those of you who didn’t watch the 10 hour epic, you can watch it here. Or if you would like to see the highlights click above.